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 "Smiles of the Balinese people that are offering of the purest charm"

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Dear Friend,

On behalf of Bali Prestige Tours and Travel Specialist, we would like to extend our warm welcome to Indonesia which is one of the largest archipelagos in the world that presents a diversity that few countries offer. The country stretches more than 5,000 kilometers across the equator and spans three time zones.

However attractions can be found all over Indonesia, from the capital Jakarta to the dive sites of Bunaken, and from Lake Toba in North Sumatra to the Dani's Hut of Waimena, Papua.

The towering mountains and primitive cultures of Papua contrast sharply with the beautifully terraced hills and sophisticated societies of Bali and Java. The animistic beliefs have shaped entirely different communities again in South Sulawesi.

It would be impossible to visit all tourist destinations that Indonesia has to offer during the average leisure time. Our Tour Description offers essential information and suggestions in planning your journey by dealing only with major attractions and sites that are easily accessible by air, sea, and land.

The top attraction for visitors to Indonesia is without a doubt the island of Bali, with its multitude of natural, customs, religious and discovery attractions. The fundamental friendliness of the Balinese makes visitors feel easily at home on the island.

Indonesians, spread over more than 13,000 island, speak more than 200 hundred different languages and dialects. But everyone speaks the unifying national language, Bahasa Indonesia.

English is the most widely spoken international language and tour guides in major cities more often than not have additional linguistic abilities.

The national airlines maintain adequate numbers of flights to give easy access to destinations from major gateways. There is ample additional land and sea transportation available.

Whether on business, Convention, Exhibitions, Cruise handling, Chartered Flight, Meeting and Incentives or for relaxation, enjoy your stay in Indonesia and leave arrangements to the 'Specialists'.

Bali Prestige Tours and Travel Specialist has en extensive network of correspondents across the country to cater to your needs and wishes.


Friendly Greetings,


Elly Malaihollo
President Director